European Economic Interest Groups in Italy

EEIG has been made by communitarian official, instituting the Regulation CEE n° 85/2137, and has been presented in Italy by D. Lgs. n° 240/1991, to the point of empowering the improvement of coordination between monetary exercises

EEIG has wonderful points of confinement: it can’t be utilized for modern creation, however it can be set up with no commitment of capital. It has not lawful identity, but rather the individuals, who are inhabitants in Italy, need to pay tax collection in Italy. Further, the EEIG will undoubtedly pay VAT and to receipt every single assessable operation, regardless of the possibility that it isn’t liable to corporate tax collection.

Francesco Misuraca, Ph.d., J.D., Attorney At Law

Practice: Lawyer admitted to the bar since October 1998, Francesco is Ph.D. in Theory and Philosophy of Law and accomplice of SMAF and Associates law office, and his expert encounters comprise in drafting of global office and conveyance understandings, patent applications, patent licenses, lawful remarks on worldwide law matters, joining of organizations in outside nations, International Tax arranging (Gibraltar Trust, Liechtenstein Foundation, Delaware LLC, and so forth.).

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